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Snoozy Children Clothes offers a wide range of Scandinavian retro style, mixed with modern happy, colourful and comfortable & fun to wear clothing to children 0-10 years of highest quality.


The garments are made in very good working conditions and in accordance with all required regulations, Snoozy monitor daily all the processing, making an environmentally friendly athmosphere at the production facilty and work with non-chemical processes.


Snoozy actively support endangered animals programmes and endeavour to care for our planet earth.


Welcome to our Snoozy Shop & Showroom at Davidshallsgatan 15 in Malmö, Sweden! 





We are saying;

When we sleep we love to dream because we feel so Snoozy. So play with us in Snoozy time with flowers, creatures and rivers swaying dreams and clouds so pillow soft, such joy to set your soul free.

We don´t stop playing because we are old, we grow old because we stop playing. -So keep playing!




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